17 Kids That Simple Don’t Get Hide And Seek #Bless!

Hide and seek is an epic game of pretending that if you get found you will die. These kids have tried desperately to hide and although one kid is a creative genius, the rest are not so good at the game, not so good at all.


1. “I’m a porcelain doll.”


2. Watch your fingers and toes around the cabinets.



4. That damn fat head.


5. Floor kill.


6. It’s not an invisibility cloak, kid.

7. Let’s leave this one to a meme.


8. What we do in the shadows.

9. What the hell is this, honestly.


10. Little boy, your hiding decisions are bad and you should feel bad.


11. There was a point in the game when he just stopped trying.

12. You’re better than this.


13. People can clearly see you. Just stop.


14. Wherever could Timmy be?

15. Separate you guys, for the love of God, separate.


16. Become one with the couch.


17. Nothing to see here – just a crocodile climbing up the wall.