17 Japanese Dishes That Are A Whole New Level Of Gross

Why wouldn’t anyone want to travel to Japan? It’s the land of futuristic technology, the land of anime, the land of talking toilets – but it’s also the land of KitKat pizza and giant sea slug dinners. You win some, you lose some. Here are 17 Japanese foods that prove Japan is playing a whole different ball game when it comes to food.


1. KitKat pizza.

Yup. It’s a thing. You can order it, you can eat it. A sweet and savoury mix of EWW.


2. Nankotsu.

Sound delicious? Well, it’s chicken cartilage. Enjoy!


3. Wasp crackers.

Yes, they’re crackers. With wasps in them.

4. Squid ice-cream.

Who wants vanilla, chocolate or strawberry anyway? Squid ice-cream is the way forward.


5. Green tea chocolate covered strawberries.

They sure love their green tea over there in Japan. In fact, they love their green tea so much, they make chocolate from it. Then they dip their strawberries in it. It’s a sad day for chocolate covered strawberries.


6. Shiokara.

“Hmm, what’s this?” you say? “Looks like chicken in some kind of satay sauce.” You say? NO BIG DEAL YOU SAY? It’s fermented fish guts. Yeah.

7. Torafugu.

This fish was made famous by The Simpsons. It’s a toxic putterfish and only parts of it are actually edible. Poison fish, poison fish, tasty fish.


8. Red Samurai Chicken burger.

We’re not 100% sure but… We think this one may be pretty hot.


9. Natto.

OK, any human being knows not to eat this stuff. It is actually as gross as it looks. Natto is a big juicy bowl of stinky, fetid, fermented soy beans.

10. Chirimenjako.

Forget about croutons, tiny dried baby fish are the way forward.


11. Hachinoko.

Craving a snack? How about some bee larvae? Oh, relax, they’re deep-fried.


12. Namako.

You only thought you liked sushi, just wait until you try some of this succulent sea slug.

13. Shirouo no odorigui.

Can’t pronounce it? Good, that means you can’t accidentally order live fish bait.


14. Shirako.

How about some delicious fresh fish sperm? Yeah, we didn’t think so.


15. Kuro Pearl burger.

You can get this baby at Burger King. Wanna know why it’s black? No? OK, we’ll tell you anyway. Squid. Ink.

16. Basashi.

Oh, yum, sashimi right? WRONG. If you survived the raw salmon and raw tuna you’ve completed step one. Step two is raw horse meat.


17. Some dishes are better left up to the locals.