17 Iconic Movies That Are Being Turned Into Television Shows

It has long been whispered that television is beginning to rival film as a legitimate vehicle for the best creative talent. Now TV networks have decided to shamelessly rip-off their richer cousin in an attempt to find the next big hit.


1. Taken.

This TV show has already signed up  Luc Besson to direct. The events take place prior to the first film when Bryan Mills was still working as a government agent.


2. Galaxy Quest.

Galaxy Quest is the type of movie you always hoped would be developed into a TV show and Amazon Prime is doing just that. There are so many possible place to take this cult comedy classic about actors in a sci-fi show that are abducted by aliens.


3. Training Day.

CBS has enlisted the help of the film’s original creator Antoine Fuqua to bring this cop drama to life and are starting fresh by setting it 15 years on from where the movie left off.

4. Evil Dead.

Ash vs. Evil Dead will have horror fans frothing at the mouth. After Drag Me to Hell showed the world that Sam Raimi is still a master of horror story telling he has once again taken the reigns of the franchise that made him famous. The new show premieres on Starz this Halloween.


5. Friday the 13th.

The CW is planning on bringing back this iconic horror villain for one more summer at Camp Crystal Lake. As it’s the CW, expect lots of teen angst and for Jason to have a love interest.


6. The Notebook.

Not too sure how this one is going to work after they seemed to cover all the ground they needed to in the movie’s two-hour run time. Events are supposed to take place in the aftermath of World War II chronicling the tempestuous couples relationship. Is there any better fit for this TV show than the CW?

7. School of Rock.

You kind of understand the appeal of this one when you realize that it is being made by Nickelodeon. The original director and producer are also on board for more family fun.


8. The Mist.

One of the reasons The Mist was one of the best horror films of all time was the soul-crushing ending. It will be interesting to see how they plan to separate the television series from the original.


9. The Devil’s Advocate.

NBC will be bringing this supernatural legal drama to a television audience. The premise is that the Devil runs a law firm. This has procedural written all over it.

10. Shutter Island.

You might be turning in your proverbial grave when you see that they are turning this into a show until you realize that HBO is taking the reigns. It would be a prequel to the Martin Scorsese film of the same name and Scorsese himself is rumored to be directing.


11. Uncle Buck.

This is going to be a hard sell considering how beloved the movie and comedian John Candy were. ABC has slated the show for 2016 and have cast comedian Mike Epps in the title role.


12. In the Heat of the Night.

This 1967 Oscar winning crime drama has the possibility to turn into a captivating television experience. Showtime is in the early stages of production so little more is known at this stage.

13. Bachelor Party.

ABC is bringing this 80s comedy to the small screen and each season will focus on a new bachelor party and presumably new characters.


14. Rush Hour.

CBS has decided that the Rush Hour story just wasn’t complete after three films and another one in the works. Comedians Justin Hires and John Foo will be taking over in this rather unnecessary buddy-cop show.


15. Marley and Me.

NBC has decided that one heart-wrenching animal death just simply wasn’t enough. This show will pick up in the aftermath of Marley’s demise, John and Jenny decide to move back to Florida where they adopt a neglected neighborhood puppy.

16. Problem Child.

Old School writer Scot Armstrong is developing the project based on the 90s comedy. If you love shows about kids being complete a%#holes then this is the TV show for you.


17. The Omen.

This series sets itself up in the aftermath of the film franchise where Damian is now fully grown trying to accept that he is in fact the Antichrist. If they keep the evil tonality of the films than this should be an interesting watch.