17 Dirty Gifts For The Person Who Has Everything

Do you know any people who are ridiculously difficult to buy for? Does that person also love tea? Don’t be boring and get them a box full of normally shaped teabags when you can get them teabags shaped like testicles. After you’ve both laughed hysterically pointing at each other with mutual respect and admiration for your brilliant gift, you can dip those testicles in some boiling water.

1. This re-usable teabag.


2. These briefs with junk trunk included.


3. This flying f***.

4. This number 2 pencil.


5. These cute unicorn finger puppets.


6. This terrifying cookie warmer coffee cup.

7. This hairy beaver (that you can trim yourself).


8. This not-so-subtle mug.


9. These matches for getting rid of the bathroom stink.

10. This agate nightlight that looks a little like something else…


11. These sugar and cream bowls.


12. This tranquil embroidery.

13. These breast-themed baby caps.


14. This coloring book for adults.


15. This comfy pillow.

16. These cute boobie stickers.


17. These suggestive lollipops.