17 Embarrassing Texts After The Drunken Night Out

You might be able to explain a drunken night out where you fell asleep in a gutter by saying “I was tired and that gutter looked so comfortable”, but when your friend tells you that you spanked a bouncer and climbed up a lamppost while screaming “trim the topsail”, that might be a little harder to explain. Here are 17 embarrassing texts the day after a drunken night out.


1. The responsible but stupid drunk.


2. Driving your friends crazy.


3. The virgin birth.

4. It could have happened to anyone.


5. Hagrid’s a nice guy.


6. FarmVille rage.

7. It’s not cheating if it’s your own girlfriend.


8. Twilight shame.


9. The fruit had it coming.

10. The big man upstairs.


11. Ghost tampons.


12. You cannot deny the conversational importance of boobs.

13. The elusive Patrick Star.


14. Lord of the bathroom.


15. Captain Beer has spoken.

16. The cleansing power of projectile vomit.


17. Revolta against Travolta.