17 Cute Ways to Upcycle Household Items for Your Kids!

1. Turn an unwanted dresser into a dress up closet!

Here’s a tutorial explaining how you can make an awesome dress up closet for your kids using an old dresser.


2. Build a train set table!

Click here to learn how to turn a plain table into a train table!

3. Make a set of lockers out of a bookshelf.

Flip an old shelf to make lockers, perfect if your children are aspiring athletes and want to feel just like their favourite sports stars. There’s a guide on how to do it here.

4. Use a shoe rack to keep your car clean and organized.

All you need to do is hang the pockets from the front seat!

5. Turn a papasan chair (or even just a hula hoop!) into a reading canopy.

Create a calm, elegant reading space using these easy instructions.


6. Turn old unused crates into a DIY bookshelf!

This is fairly straightforward, though you can use this guide if you need assistance.

7. Convert adult male shirts into pretty dresses for young girls and babies.

This is efficient and easy to do – all you need is some basic sewing skills! Your girls can be just like daddy now with these helpful tutorials: For Girls and For Babies


8. Use an old tyre to make a see-saw!

A wonderful way to get rid of old tires is to turn them into teeter-totters! There’s a complete tutorial here.

9. Or a sandbox!

 Of course, you’ll need something along the lines of a tractor tire for it to actually be playable in, but this is a great, cheap way get the kids out in the sun! The tutorial can be found here.


10. Convert a spice rack into a paint rack!

This one is extremely simple! This guide gives you tips on decorating your old spice rack.


11. Turn an old binder or book into a crafty art case.

You’ll need a few extra bits and bobs, but this a really neat idea! It will help keep things organized and clean, and your kids will feel just like mum and dad with their professional looking suitcase. Here’s a complete tutorial.

12. Make a great art station.

This one is quite a big undertaking, but the results look fantastic and you’ll still end up saving a lot of money. Here’s a guide on how to create an awesome art space for your kids.


13. An old crib can become a playhouse!

You don’t need to get rid of the crib once your child grows out of it, in fact that very crib can become their new favorite place! It’s as easy as flipping it upside down.


14. Turn a lunch box into a portable dollhouse

You can use old lunch boxes or train cases to make an adorable dollhouse that your kids can take wherever they want! Here’s a guide.

15. Or use a bookshelf to make a massive one!

This tutorial offers a method for converting a bookshelf into a dollhouse that is easily reversible in case you’re moving or your child grows out of it.


16. Turn an old dresser into a toy storage bench

This is great if you really want to get your hands dirty with some DIY – there’s a lot of sawing and cutting involved. Check out a step-by-step guide here.


17. Create a miniature kitchen out of a mismatched night table.

EMGN Upcycle 1


This is a really creative way to re-purpose a night table. While it’ll take a little extra work to have yourself a proper, working kitchen, your kids would absolutely love this mini replica so they can play chef in style!