17 Completely Random Baby Facts – #5 Is Unbelievable!

1. All babies grow a mustache in the womb, then they eat it.

Alright, this is weird. In the womb every baby grows a mustache that eventually spreads over the entire body and (usually) completely falls out before birth. The baby then eats that hair and it becomes part of the baby’s first poo.


2. Babies double in weight during the first five months of life.

You’d double your weight too if you did nothing but eat, sleep and poop.


3. Babies have taste buds on the roof, back and sides of their mouth as well as their tongue, but they fade with age.

Baby Facts EMGN3dreamstime

So they can really taste that mustache.

4. All babies lactate, and girl babies get their period.

Babies absorb Mom’s hormones in the womb, so after birth they’ve got some extra estrogen to deal with. Girl babies shed their uterine lining in a mini period, and all babies lactate just a little. Cute.


5. Babies’ eyes are 75% of their adult size when they’re born.

That’s why they start off looking so much like Bambi. They’re also super shortsighted when they’re born, but have normal vision by six months old.


6. Babies born in May are heavier than all others.

Babies born in May weight 200 grams more than those born in other months, on average. Is it the earth’s rotation? Astrology? Magic? No one knows.

7. Babies prefer female voices, and adults adapt to that.

That’s why you put on a high-pitched voice when you talk to babies – because that’s what they respond to.


8. Babies can sleep with their eyes open.

When you finally get your baby to sleep, it’ll sometimes have its eyes half open, and you can see them moving around. Don’t stress, this is normal – it just looks creepy.


9. Boy babies get erections both inside the womb and once they’re born.

It’s actually quite common for boy babies to have erections during birth.

10. Babies don’t have bony kneecaps.

They have cartilage kneecaps that eventually become bony after a few years. As babies grow their bones lose their ‘springy-ness’, which means falling gets more painful.


11. The likelihood of having twins is different in different countries.

West Africa is particularly prone to have twins. In Nigeria, the chances are 22-1. In Japan, they’re 200-1.


12. Like the villains they are, babies don’t actually cry tears.

Newborns are actually just screaming. They don’t start producing tears until the third week of life.

13. Babies can breathe and swallow at the same time.

That’s why you should never challenge a baby to a keg stand contest. They lose this ability by about seven months though, so after that you might have a chance.


14. The soft spot on a baby’s head bulges and pulsates.

Before baby’s skulls are fully formed, they have creepy bulging, pulsating soft spots called the fontanelles.


15. Babies have superhuman strength.

Babies have a reflex which means they’re great at grasping stuff, but did you know they can also hold their whole body up? Just like Olympic gymnasts, but way more impressive.

16. Baby poo is the perfect consistency to produce maximum damage.

TheBump.com’s Dr. Levine says, “Newborn poop is mostly liquid with some mustard-seed texture mixed in. As a result, it doesn’t take much power to propel it across a room.” Isn’t that adorable?


17. Babies conveniently forgot how weird they’ve been in the first three years of life.

It’s called infantile amnesia, and doctors have several theories about why this exists. Regardless of why, it’s probably a good thing. They’d be a bit embarrassed it they remembered all the explosive poop and mustache eating.