15 Ways To “Nail” Neutral Colors

While pastel has been all the rage for a while now, it has never quite managed to dethrone neutrals, and with good reason.


1. Nail goals.


2. Greige (grey + beige) is a real color now…


3. … And it goes great with a powder pink.

4. There’s nothing like a matte finish.


5. Is dark taupe a color? Well, it is now.


6. Sometimes it’s OK to go back to basics and get a little French manicure – with a twist of course.

7. Chocolate-vanilla milkshake nails are sure to bring all the boys to the yard.


8. A few graphics are a great project for when you have a bit of time on your hands. (Get it? Hands?)

9. Mmm… Chocolate.

10. Or add some glitter. Glitter is always good.


11. YES. ALL the glitter.


12. Perfect pink.

13. Red? Boring! Get the glitter out and voila. Pizzazz.


14. Return of the pastel purple.


15. Nothing says “where’s my martini?” like ombre stiletto nails.