16 Train Passengers Who Were Turned Into Famous Animated Characters

When illustrator October Jones got bored on his daily train commutes, he decided to start drawing. The results are hilarious! These drawings are nothing new to Jones, who has been doing them since early 2012. But then a Reddit post brought these masterpieces back to life.


1. He’s not the hero we deserve, but the one we need right now.

2. Mickey is getting grumpy in his later years.

3. Spider-Man is trying to hit on you.

4. Kermit the I.T. guy.


5. Hulk crash…train!

6. This boy is hell to travel with.

7. The eternal chase.

8. We found Waldo.

9. Where’s Bart Simpson when you need him.

10. “You can’t fool me E.T.”


11. “Do you mind?!”


12. Once you pop…

13. This train has a rodent problem.


14. What the duck?


15. Pooh is having honey withdrawals.

16. He just e-woke.