16 Times Proof That Honest Parenting Is The Best Parenting

Parents are incredibly embarrassing, but you know what? They’re allowed to be, because they made you, fed you and raised you to be a functioning adult. Honesty is the best way of parenting and although these parents may push the envelope a little bit, they’ve nailed parenting.


1. “This is what you look like, Jessica.”


2. Brutal honesty.


3. “Anything you can do we can do better.”

4. “Aww, thanks mom.”


5. Embarrassing, yet effective.


6. They’ve gotta learn somehow.

7. The favorite child…


8. …And speaking of favoritism.


9. “Mom can I have some money to go out tonight?” “Sure honey, top drawer.”


10. This dad has been saving his kid from diabetes and himself from bankruptcy for years.


11. Don’t come between a mom and her cake.


12. They got it from their mommas.

13. Thanks, mom.


14. “Honey just go and stand under that sign. Yup, that’s it. Now stay there until you’re 35.”


15. Solid parenting.

16. “See you in three weeks! Miss you already! Lol jk, where’s the wine?”