16 Thirsty Opportunists Who Made The Absolute Most Out Of 7-Eleven’s “Bring Your Own Slurpee Cup” Day!

On April 11, 7-Eleven held their annual Bring Your Own Cup Day.


Customers were able to fill any vessel they chose to bring with any flavor of Slurpee (or multiple).


All for the regular price of $1.49.

Of course, many customers took advantage of this as best as they could…


Bringing in some pretty experimental ‘cups’.


Some preferred cup quality over cup quantity.

Many achieved their greatest goals.


For these guys, one drum serves five.


That’s not gonna be easy to fit in the drink holder…

It’s worth every bit of brainfreeze.


This guy has a long day ahead of him.


Kentucky Crushed Slurpees?

It’s not a real slurpee experience without a ladle.


And some extra seasoning.

This guy’s living out his dream.

Total slurpee paradise.