16 Things That We Do Everyday To Offend Other Cultures

These behaviors are often second-nature to us, because they are deeply accepted parts of our culture. However, even the most everyday of actions, when enacted overseas, can raise eyebrows. In fact, they can deeply offend. it’s worth knowing this list – if you want to make friends with someone from another culture (or, better yet, meet ‘someone special’).


1. The Japanese consider it rude to laugh loudly with your mouth open.


2. When in India, do not greet anyone, give or take money from, or examine things with your left hand. Always use your right hand.

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3. In the South Korean culture, it’s not kosher to talk to others with your hands in your pockets.

4. The Vietnamese do not appreciate if you cross your fingers.


5. When in Germany, do not bring wine to a dinner party, as it insults the hosts.


6. In Japan, avoid blowing your nose in public.

7. Haitians do not approve of public whistling, particularly when done by children.


8. The Japanese consider tipping an insult.


9. In the Philippines, the locals find a firm handshake to be a display of disrespect.

10. In Germany, South America and Turkey, the OK gesture is considered condescending.


11. When in Greece, avoid waving with an open palm toward someone.


12. When in France, Singapore, Luxembourg and Switzerland, the public chewing of gum is looked down upon.

13. Argentina and other countries throughout Europe are not fans of the ‘thumbs-up’ gesture.


14. In the Middle and Far East, do not sit with the sole of your feet facing another person. It is considered to be bad form.


15. In Thailand and China, you are supposed to leave a little food on your plate when eating a meal.

16. In Chinese and Indian culture, it’s considered rude to open a gift when in the presence of the person who gave it to you.