16 Things That Defined Your Existence If You Grew Up In The 90s

1. People loved them some glitter.


2. The game that you never won.


3. You were excited about getting one of these just to play Snake all day long.

4. You know all about this guy’s Art Attack.


5. Your favorite bands dropped like flies.


6. These were all the rage.

7. Pringles were so important that you needed your own carry case.


8. Furby was a fun toy and then all of a sudden you wished the inventor was never born.


9. Guitar Hero gave you dreams of being a rock star.

10. You almost had a panic attack when you couldn’t get your hands on one of these.


11. Fun House was freaking awesome!


12. This made you one of the cool kids.

13. If you didn’t get one of these as a Christmas present then your parents hated you.


14. Schools jumped on the Box Tops bandwagon with glee.


15. The Ross and Rachel ‘will they, wont they’ caused you massive amounts of anxiety.

16. Harry Potter was a series of books that defined your youth.