16 Things That Made You A Legend At Elementary School

They called you El Diablo and you were the most dangerous child at your elementary school. You were a person who knew how to get things and when the chips were down, your number always came up.


1. You paraded your new box of 64 crayons around your classmates but also acted like it wasn’t a big deal.


2. You were able to buy more than everyone else, which made you look down on all those peasants.


3. You whipped this puppy out during art class but kept the original wrapping so you could slowly remove it – making the other kids jealous.

4. Writing naughty calculations with your calculator.


5. Nobody could tell you what to do with your glue…nobody!


6. Making all the kids hate their parents by parading these delicious treats in front of them.

7. You used this to answer major life questions such as which girl you should date.


8. Showing all the kids how gangsta your pain tolerance was.


9. You colored outside of the lines mother f*cker.

10. You had one of these and kept switching between colors every few words because you could.


11. You had cool accessories.


12. You hung out here and pretended that it was the most dangerous place in school.

13. You started this legend because you are a legend.


14. Your origami skills were unrivaled.


15. You gave the girls a wink before doing a triple forward roll on one of these babies.

16. You fingerboarded the hell out of your school – a finger rebel without a cause.