16 Snuggly DIY Projects That Will Keep You Comfy This Winter

1. A snuggly rainbow chevron blanket.

This quilt will brighten up any wintery room.


2. This cute hexagon quilt.

This tutorial will show you how to use your fabric scraps to make something magical.


3. These gorgeous tea towel stuffed animals.

Got too many boring tea towels? Turn them into little stuffed animal friends using this tutorial.

4. A big waves throw blanket.

This is one of the cuddliest knitted blankets you can make. Find out how here.


5. This POP! Blanket.

Add a pop of color to your floors with this DIY guide.


6. This No Sew Pizza Pillow.

If you can live with a pillow that will constantly make you feel hungry, check out this tutorial.

7. Some Home-Made Bath Salts for those cold nights.

Follow this tutorial, then relax.


8. This Easy Shag Rug will feel great under your feet.

It’s super simple to make too. Find out how here.


9. A fancy duvet cover.

Winter’s coming, so you might need extras. Use this tutorial to make your own.

10. Express your true self with this Home Body pillow.

Embrace it. Get the instructions here.


11. Snuggle up with this Heart Blanket.

Spend some quality time with the one you love. Use this kit to learn how.


12. This Felt Campfire is great for a kid’s room.

All the excitement of a campsite, but with the warmth and dryness of being indoors.

13. This beautiful Madina Baby Blanket.

This soft baby blanket is perfect for wrapping up your little one.


14. This upcycled pouf is adorable!

Use this tutorial to make it, then put your feet up for the winter.


15. Travelers will love this World Map Quilt.

Wrap yourself up in everywhere you’ve always wanted to go. Get the tutorial here.

16. These Lace Tea Light Holders will brighten up your dark nights.

These candle holders can turn any situation romantic. Get the tutorial here.