16 Ridiculously Pointless Things That We All Do

1. You push that walk button about ten times, even though you know it’s pointless.


2. You check behind that shower curtain again and again, just to make sure no murderers are hiding behind it.


3. Your remote batteries are dead. Pushing those buttons harder isn’t going to change anything.

4. Got to keep pushing that lock button, just to make sure.


5. You’ve established that there’s nothing you want to eat in your fridge, but you still return there every few minutes just to make sure.


6. You stop the microwave early, because those last three seconds are just too much to bear.

7. No matter how many times you push that centre button, it’s not coming back to life…


8. You hit save on your important assignments about six times, just in case the first five didn’t work.


9. You check Facebook every few minutes, just in case something exciting happened.

10. You hit clear on the calculator over and over again, because a calculator can never be clear enough.


11. Even though your drink’s empty you keep sucking on that straw, just in case.


12. It takes at least five bum pats to make sure your wallet is still there.

13. After you send a vital email you check the sent folder about a hundred times, even though you know it worked.


14. The door is never locked. You always have to check once more.


15. You can’t trust the ‘off’ button on a hair straightener, so you check it a thousand times.


16. You’ve always got to do a few warm-up clicks with those tongs, you know, just to make sure they still work.