16 Of The Richest US Presidents In History

As if getting M&Ms with the seal of the President on them wasn’t enough, these Presidents had some serious bank as well. As of 2010 the net worth of these 16 Presidents was huge and you may be shocked to learn who the richest US President in history was. Take a look at how and why these leaders of the country were incredibly successful in their personal lives as well as being “OK” Presidents.


16. John Quincy Adams – worth $21 Million.

Quincy Adams had mighty big shoes to fill when he became the second person in his family to become President after his father John Adams. He inherited a lot of his money from his father and he was also a very successful lawyer.


15. George Bush – worth $23 million.

Oil, oil, oil. No wonder George and his son were so obsessed with finding oil…they both made serious bank from it over the years. He also owns a lot of land in Maine but the money mostly comes from oil.


14. Grover Cleveland – worth $25 million.

With a name like Grover you would have thought he was a garbage person. In fact he was the President of the USA a couple of times. Cleveland was the first President to serve two terms out of sequence. Known as the “Veto President” he vetoed an outstanding 414 bills in his time. When he wasn’t vetoing all the live long day he was making money from real estate

13. Martin Van Buren – worth $26 million.

His hair is so big because it holds all his money secrets. Martin Van Buren was worth a staggering 26 million dollars in a time when 26 million dollars was a LOT. He owned a large spread of land around New York.


12. James Monroe – worth $27 million.

James Monroe was the last “founding father” to become President. Before he took office he made his money as as successful lawyer, farmer and planter. So many successes at so many things.


11. John Tyler – worth $51 million.

So Tyler was not really meant to be President. He took office after President William Henry Harrison died only 23 days into his term. Just like he inherited the White House, he also inherited a large tobacco plantation and married a very wealthy lady.

10. Bill Clinton – worth $55 million.

It is known that Bill and Hillary Clinton were poor law students when they first met. However, an election, White House, a Lewinsky and best selling autobiography later, he became a seriously rich man…in more ways than one.


9. Franklin D Roosevelt – worth $60 million.

Franklin D Roosevelt was no Teddy Roosevelt but he was still worth a tremendous amount of money in 1945. He inherited his fortune from his family and after marrying his wife Elanor.


8. Herbert Hoover – worth $75 million.

Surprisingly so, Hoover was an orphan. He built his huge fortune in the mining industry. In 1929 he was hit like the rest of the country by the Great Depression but still managed to be worth 75 million when he died.

7. Lyndon B Johnson – worth $98 million.

Lyndon B  Johnson became the 36th President and was sworn into office on a plane as a  blood-stained Jackie Kennedy stood beside him. Although he was President because of the horrific assassination of JFK he still managed to lead the country in the right direction with his “war on poverty”. Personally he had a very successful large landholding across Texas.


6. James Madison – worth $101 million.

The “father of the constitution” earned his money from a 4,000 acre plantation in Virginia. He still earned a decent salary as President and Secretary of State but the coin really came from the success of his plantation.


5. Andrew Jackson – worth $119 million.

He was the President that dismantlement the Federal Bank but suprisingly he was an incredibly wealthy man himself. Andrew Jackson was worth a staggering 119 million through his various landholdings. His Military career also contributed a pretty penny or two to his savings.

4. Theodore Roosevelt – worth $125 million.

He was the older cousin of Franklin D Roosevelt and he had a tad more money than he did. Although he wasn’t well off when he was younger, he ended up writing over 40 books in his lifetime and that cemented his fame and fortune.


3. Thomas Jefferson – worth $212 million.

Thomas Jefferson played the property game and he won big time. Jefferson’s large estate in Virginia is an architectural marvel that people from all over the country come to visit.


2. George Washington – worth $525 million.

This land is your land…well, actually, it was mostly his land. George Washington pretty much owned half of America. In reality it was roughly just over 8,000 acres in Virginia and Mount Vernon but it was massive.

1. John F Kennedy – worth $1 billion.

JFK’s father started off the money train when became successful in trading stock, banking and selling liquor just to name a few. John F Kennedy unfortunately wasn’t a billionaire when he was alive, he was assassinated in 1963, but after his death the money kept rolling in to make his worth over 1 billion.