16 Practical Parental Prompts To Aid You In The Constant Struggle That Is Parenting

Parenting can be a scary, intimidating thing. Gone are the days when practicality is something passed on from parent to parent. However, we are here to help. Here are some tips that will impress your parenting friends and make life a whole lot easier. Essentially these are tips your kids will think you’re a loser for loving.


1. No longer slipping away

Slippery soles can be a deathtrap, and not just for kids. Help alleviate your worries when your daughter wants to wear her princess shoes by adding traction with some glue.


2. Less car cleaning

Kids are messy. It’s unavoidable that they will drop food in the car if they are eating in it. These storage baskets are available at dollar stores and would ensure tidy, organized eating for all the kids.


3. Less dragging, more drawing

If you have a large family, you will know the pain of getting footwear for a number of kids. To save the ignominy of being dragged around by your kids as they scream the mall down, just to then struggle to get their feet to stay on the foot measure, simply trace around their feet at home and use that in the store. Alternatively, you can use a ruler or a piece of string. Not only will this make it easier for you, but the staff in the shoe shop will be eternally grateful.

4. Handy hooks

Simple acrylic hooks can be a lifesaver. Use them on the back of a baby highchair to store spare feeding bibs.


5. Stability balls for stable behavior

Exercise balls are great for kid’s concentration. When children are young, their brains are growing quickly and need stimulation. Replacing some chairs at home or in school with an exercise ball gives them the means to move while working on school work so they can focus. Also, if they misbehave and you want to be cruel, you can kick the ball out from under them to teach them a lesson. Just putting it out there…


6. The stairs will be there longer than the gate

When installing a baby gate, instead of drilling holes into your stairs, use cable ties to attach planks in front. You can then attach the gate to these planks and remove it all when the gate is no longer needed. Your stairs will avoid damage.

7. Outfit in a bag

When going on family trips, avoid the daily battle with the kids’ outfits. Pre-pack them outfits and keep them in large zip-lock bags.


8. Sparkle, sparkle

This may not be technically legal but it is great to help your kids retain their sense of wonder and innocence. When they get a visit from the Tooth Fairy, sprinkle the money they get left with a little “fairy dust”.


9. Playful reminders

This is a great example of being creatively stern. No one wants to deal with a blocked toilet and kids are notorious for over-using toilet roll. Put up a playful, colorful sign telling them where to stop to help avoid constant plunging. Because ain’t no body got time for that.

10. Vinegar can treat sunburn

Aloe Vera, coconut oil and natural yogurt are all well-known soothing sources for sunburn. But not everyone has these products lying around. One thing you may have, however, is vinegar. Preferably apple cider vinegar works best but it soothes the skin.


11. Knights of the cold weather

Hats like this, available from Etsy, are great for keeping out the cold and keeping their imaginations and playful side in.


12. Velcro can save the carpet after they watch Aladdin

When you’re putting in a new rug, Velcro it to the floor to keep it intact. This will avoid any magic carpet rides they want to take and the inevitable slip and slide action when they run around the house.

13. Makes smoothies a smooth process

Organize your smoothie ingredients in advance. This will save a mess and a lot of time.


14. Bite sized healthy snacks

Little healthy snack ideas like this can be great to get them eating healthier. Small portions can be a great way to trick them. Devious? Yes. But when it comes to avoiding sugary sweets a little deception and/or bribery can go a long way.


15. Kids smell. Simple


16. Save the environment

If you have kids close in age, retaining these can be a great way to help the younger ones learn as well.