16 Photos That Will Give You Palpitations

Some things in life are just too shocking to handle. You’re left with two options: either bear witness to the traumatizing events; or RUN!


1. Must have been one hell of a marathon.

Sure, the water looks clean enough. It’s not like humans can contract diseases by drinking out of puddles. So don’t worry.


2. The moment when you start taking the term ‘virus’ literally.


3. Someone has already had your drink.

4. “Looking good, guys. I’ll wait ’til you’re back, though.”


5. At least you have a good explanation next time at the dentist.


6. It might be time to call your parents.

7. That moment when you kind of want to help – but then don’t.


8. “Have fun, sweetheart! Mom will wait inside…”


9. When a giant snake is in charge of the cooking.

10. The essential question: how many more are there?


11. “No problem, you can take the house.”


12. Nope, you got nothing to prove.

13. First, why? Second, stop it!


14. Just don’t move.


15. Hostile takeover, must retreat.


16. Just one photo with the bunny, they said. It’ll be cute, they said.