These 16 Sexy Movie Superheroes Are Saving Lives Off-Screen Too!

1. Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. was ruthless as Iron Man, but in real life he’s one of the most charitable men in Hollywood. In case you missed him delivering a bionic arm to a kids in need, dressed up as Tony Stark, here it is.


2. Alec Baldwin

 It’s been a while since Alec Baldwin played The Shadow, but he’s still a superhero in real life. He’s an active member of PETA, speaking out regularly against Animal Cruelty.


3. Ben Affleck

 Ben Affleck might not have been the best superhero when he played Daredevil, but he’s definitely a contender for one of the greatest in real life. He’s done so much charitable work that his Wikipedia page has a length sub-section devoted to it.

4. Gabriel Macht

 The Spirit star Gabriel Macht spends a lot of his time working with Globe and Project Wonderful helping rebuild Ormoc, a city in the Philippines destroyed by Cyclone Yolanda.


5. Ryan Reynolds

 The Green Lantern actor is actually on the Board of Directors at the Michael J. Fox Foundation against Parkinson’s. He and Blake Lively also regularly drop in to hospital wings to cheer up patients.


6. Henry Cavill

 Superman is a bit of a superman in real life. He recently raised £20,000 for a charity close to his heart, the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund.

7. Scarlett Johansson

Superhero Actors EMGN6

 When her skills as Black Widow aren’t needed, Scarlet Johansson is jetting off around the world to help out Oxfam, where she’s been an ambassador for eight years.


8. Chris Hemsworth

After finding his feet as the superhero Thor, Chris Hemsworth continued fighting baddies by becoming a spokesperson for the Australian Childhood Foundation, an organisation working to combat child abuse.


9. Andrew Garfield

Superhero Actors EMGN13

Andrew Garfield protected the ones he loves as Spiderman, and now he’s raising thousands of dollars for children’s charities, and visiting schools in costume to deliver some wisdom from someone the kids will definitely listen to.

10. George Clooney

George Clooney and his bat-nipples weren’t the best addition to the Batman franchise, but in real life he’s a huge success. He’s one of the most dedicated celebrity humanitarians, and co-founder of Not On Our Watch, an organisation dedicated to eradicating all forms of injustice worldwide.


11. Hugh Jackman

Wolverine..err, I mean, Hugh Jackman, is a real giver. He recently ask his Twitter audience to help him figure out how best to use $100,000 earmarked for charity. Afterwards, Jackman went to Ethiopia and was inspired to start a gourmet tea and coffee company that gives all its revenues back to the global community.


12. Christopher Reeve

 Christopher Reeve, the original superman, was left paralysed after a riding accident. He then went on to set up one the most success spinal injury research foundations in the world, the Christopher and Diana Reeve Foundation for Paralysis. Even though he died ten years ago, the foundation continues to help many.

13. Christian Bale

After the shootings at the Batman movie in Aurora, Colorado, Batman himself spent time visiting them victims, while constantly insisting that the media not be informed he was there.


14. Chris Evans

Chris Evans supports various charities, and recently was involved with a Captain America Superbowl bet, that led to him and Chris Pratt visiting children’s hospitals and raising $27,000 for charity.


15. Chris Pratt

Just when we all thought this man couldn’t get any hotter, we find out he spends a lot of his time visiting children’s hospitals as Star Lord, just to hang out with the kids.