15 Kids Who Should Have Stayed Home For Picture Day

Every school has the dreaded picture day, and every adult has at least one childhood picture they show off to their friends and laugh at. However, these 16 school pictures are next level and no laughing matter. This will haunt these kids forever until every single copy is burned. If only the internet wasn’t so, you know, permanent.


1. It’s sad because it isn’t even accidental.

Hey, you tried and you failed miserably. The lesson is, never try.


2. “Show us on the doll where the photographer touched himself.”


3. “Sure, just wear your SpongeBob pajamas,” mom said. “Picture day isn’t until next week,” mom said.

4. The only way this photo makes sense is if it was taken in Japan.




6. This was the last picture taken before the photographer mysteriously disappeared and his house burned to the ground.

7. This girl’s dad dressed her for picture day. He’s a cross dresser but still figuring out his style.


8. Sacha Baron Cohen went to high school too, you know.


9. There’s always one…

10. There were 120 frames. This was the best one.


11. “Look at the WHAT?!”


12. “They said no props. This isn’t a prop. This is my pipe. I need it for medical reasons.”

13. He was a true ladies man in high school.


14. “Can we make this a quick one? My tractor is double parked.”


15. After picture day, Tom’s mom transferred him to a boarding school in Switzerland.