16 Kids With The Most Badass Life Goals Imaginable

You may have been a cool kid, but you have never been as cool as these 16 kids who simply owned life straight out of the womb and proceeded to plan for a ‘Kanye West’ type of future.


1. Forget about the dragons, it’s impressive that this kid can spell herpetology and knows what it means.


2. By the look on Lukas’ face, you know he is deadly serious about rocks and it would not be wise to mock him.


3. Graham basically called himself Jesus. That’s ballsy.

4. “Why black Spider-Man? Because the white one’s a nerd and I want to be a badass gangsta spider”.


5. A man who controls the mail controls the world.


6. Grade three is intense! Also, we think #6 on this is everyone’s life goal.

7. You’ve got to admire his lack of ambition.


8. Just don’t let the vampires know about your decision.


9. On the third day, Peter rested.

10.  Damn right it is!


11. Said every guy ever.


12. The eighth task is the hardest, because a cat will never be yours.

13. Say what you want about the kid but he knows what he has to do to get to his goal.


14. If you aim low in life you won’t be disappointed.


15. Boy becomes boy’s best friend.