16 Horror Legends That May Be Close To Where You Live

Warning: After reading this you’re probably not going to sleep for a week. All states across America have a tale to tell. An urban legend that gets whispered in the ears of small children to scare the sh*t out of them. You may have heard of some of these legends before, but the question is, do you believe them?


1. Baby Bridge – Georgia.

The legend of the “baby bridge” in Georgia has haunted the state for decades. It is said that a poor farmer and his wife were expecting their fifth child. Knowing that they couldn’t afford it, the farmer asked the doctor to kill the baby when it was born. They then threw the baby off the stone bridge. People who walk across the bridge at night say they often hear the cries of a baby.


2. Creepy Clown – Illinois.

The story told in Illinois is about a man who dresses up as a clown and asks children to get in his van. After committing unspeakable crimes against them he lets them go. The man has never been caught but the story remains in the minds of the people to this day.


3. The Bridge to Hell – Alabama.

This rusty bridge is thought to lead to the gates of Hades. Locals say that if you stop your car in the middle of the bridge and turn to look behind you, you will see the home of the devil. Let’s not test the theory.

4. The Black Angel – Iowa.

The Black Angel is a statue in memory of Ruth Ann Dodge, who would often have visions of angels. People who visit the statue at night (why the hell would they visit a statue at night?) have said that the angel’s eyes move and glow.


5. Crosley Monster – Indiana.

Indiana has its own version of Big Foot. Locals say that he/she roams the night scaring the bejesus out of people.


6. The Dutchman’s gold – Arizona.

Immigrant Jacob Waltz found a mine full of gold during the Gold Rush in Arizona. Men flocked to share in the riches but many died in the heat of the desert trying to find it. It is said that the men haunt the mine.

7. Blood poison hospital – California.

Gloria Rameriz came to a hospital in California and had her blood drawn. Her blood had such a pungent odor and strange color that it scared doctors and nurses. The smell was so horrid that they had to evacuate the hospital. Many thought her blood was alien blood. Well that escalated quickly.


8. Haunted School – Idaho.

Ghostly figures walk the halls of this school in Idaho. Students and teachers have talked about it for years and even security cameras have captured odd occurrences of lights flicking on and off and ghostly shadows.


9. Mr Chews – Delaware.

Judge Samuel Chews was relentlessly harassed because of his last name. People in the community would say “Ah, chew” as he walked by. They say he haunts the people in the neighborhood who made fun of him.

10. Area 51 – Nevada.

Well of course. Area 51 is known as the alien camp site. It is meant to house the national extra terrestrial secrets. Does it though?


11. Secret Disease – Mississippi.

Apparently, folks down in Mississippi believe the government infected women with a disease. The disease caused these women to go on deadly killing sprees across the state.


12. Lake Monster – Montana.

Beware people, there is a giant fish in a Montana lake. What’s so scary about that? Well it keeps people out of the water in case they get a little nibble on their toes.

13. Taunton State Hospital – Massachusetts.

So apparently the staff at Taunton State Hospital couldn’t cure their patients from what ailed them. So they decided to experiment on them instead.


14. The Human burger man – Kansas.

The story goes, a man was horribly disfigured from a house fire and haunts his neighbors. Why he is called The Hamburger Man, we are not sure. He is certainly not as cool as this guy though….

15. The Rake – New York.

The Rake haunts the citizens of New York City. “They”(whoever “they” are) say that if you see and stare The Rake man in the face, you will become overwhelmed with emotion and die.


16. The bog boy – Arkansas.

Gerald Floyd Bettis was thought to be a crazy person who had satanic powers. He apparently got his “powers” from torturing dogs around the neighborhood.