16 Horrible Moments That Will Break Your First World Heart

There are certain problems that only privileged people can understand, such as ordering something at a restaurant and then immediately hating life because your friend’s food looks way nicer. Here are 17 first world problems that will cause you to age terribly!


1. Saturday’s pizza massacre. Let’s have a moment of silence for the cheese that was wasted in this senseless violence.


2. This crime against humanity perpetrated on two innocent victims.


3. This beer won’t ever know what it means to quench the thirst of a truly dehydrated man after sports.

4. OK this is actually worse than a first world problem, you might want to see a doctor.


5. All rescue efforts have failed to save this bottle of wine from its evil cork.


6. Just when you were needed most, you failed at being a soda.

7. This Lasagna will never be the same again.


8. Life is pain.


9. Everybody stand back, there are signs of foul play here.

10. You hang in there buddy, help is on the way.


11. Did you hear about the left headphone? It was skinned alive!


12. The chicken and egg debate has been ended forever by the chicken.

13. The cancer has spread to the yolk, you only have minutes to live.


14. You’ll have to forgive my friend, he’s a little egg-centric.


15. “You did this to me!”.

16. You’re a monster.