16 Gorgeous Green Nails To Prepare For St Patrick’s Day

Hmm what occasion is coming up where wearing green nail polish won’t get you confused with being the Wicked Witch of the West? ST PATRICK’S DAY, of course. You have three weeks to prepare for the Guinness drinking day and that means your outfit has to be on point. Side note, you can actually wear green nails any damn day of the week, there are no rules here.


1. Aurora Borealis…at this time of year?…at this time of day?


2. Five shades of green, just five, 50 is too many.


3. Simple, shiny and stunning.

4. What can only be described as cat’s eye green.


5. Blended leaf greens.


6. Matte grass green.


7. David Bowie Stardust green. If that is even a thing.


8. Elsa from Frozen green.


9. French manicure teal.

10. Dreaming in green, a dreamcatcher green if you will.


11. Fairy green.


12. Matte with some sweet bedazzling.

13. Pale polka dots.


14. Enchanted forest.


15. An Irish lass through and through.

16. Simple olive.