14 Food Fails That Will Put You Off Your Lunch

Food is supposed to bring people joy. There’s nothing like a whole cheese pizza just for you. However, some people are an abomination to the sanctity of food.


1. The devil works at a fast food burger joint.


2. Fried dust, anyone? Little bit of dust?


3. “You wanted a sesame bun, right?”

4. “Your cheese omelette, sir.”


5. Whoever made this onion-pickle bun is evil incarnated.


6. “One McRib please. Hold the Rib.”

The McRib deserves better though…


Mmmm… McRib.


7. Pretty sure this adds up to about 130 health code violations.

8. Well, sure, it’s false advertising, but at least it’s got bacon.


9. We don’t know if knowing that this is a kidney and not a brain is supposed to make us feel better or worse.


10. Where was the shift supervisor while this lab was being built?

11. This doesn’t look like anything you’d want inside your waffle.


12. “Ah well, too late anyway.”


13. “Excuse me, someone appears to have already eaten my panini once before.”

14. It’s like Russian roulette: you don’t know what’s going to kill you first – the heart attack or the diabetes.