16 Famous Photos That Hide The Truth

1. This photo has been circulating the internet for a long time and claims this man was standing on the balcony of one of the twin towers on September 11 when the plane was about to hit. The plane is fake and the timestamp was added into the image after it was taken.

Famous Photos That Hide The Truth 100Via Viral Nova

2. That’s not Oprah! That’s the body of Ann-Margaret’s with Oprah’s face photoshopped on top. The first person to notice was the designer of the dress.

3. This famous photo of the Kent State University shootings in 1970 was published in Life magazine with a fence post in the background removed.

4. This photo of Martha Stewart during her jail time was faked and is actually a picture of her laughing at an awards ceremony.

5. This was an Iranian missile test done in 2008. There wasn’t enough drama in the picture for journalists so additional missiles were photoshopped in!

6. Analysts have found that Kim Jong Il was actually never standing with the North Korean Troops in this picture. When zooming in, you can see patterns in the wood behind him are inconsistent with those of the wood behind the soldiers.

7. The iconic Beatles Abbey Road album cover was heavily edited. A cigarette was removed from  from Paul’s right hand and the image colours were changed. Apple Records, who owns the rights to this image, were not very happy that this was done without their permission and they said “It seems these poster companies got a little carried away.”

8. When Hitler met Leni Riefenstahl in 1937, Joseph Goebbels, his minister of propaganda, was edited out of the picture and no one knows why.

9. In 2009, the Israeli newspaper Yated Neeman published this version of a group photo of Netanyahu, the country’s newly elected Prime Minister. It was later found that two female members of Cabinet had their faces swapped with men’s faces.

10. This picture is a widely reprinted photo from the Battle of Berlin on 2 May 1945. When it was published in Russian magazine Ogonyok, the image was altered and what appears to be a second watch on the wrist of the Russian soldier was removed. This was done to prevent allegations that solider had looted the second watch. The smoke in the background was also darkened.

11. Carlos Franqui, a political activist and journalist, was removed from most photos after he left Cuba, cut ties with Castro and signed a letter condemning the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia.


12. Benito Mussolini, former Italian prime minister, felt that this photo would look far more impressive and less staged without the man holding the horses reins in the image.

13. Francis Blair was added to this photo of Civil War generals in 1865 from a completely separate picture.

14. This picture of General Grant in City Point, Virginia during the American Civil War is actually three images merged together

15. Lincoln never posed for this iconic photo. It was created by taking a photograph of Lincoln and putting it on a portrait of John Calhoun.

16. Taken within seconds of the preceding photo, this frame reveals that Lenin was joined that day by fellow Central Committee members Leon Trotsky, who stands in hat and moustache on the stairs to the right of the podium, and Lev Kamenev, who stands behind him.