16 Extraordinary Photos Of The Day

These 16 photos were taken on December 15th, 2015 from all over the world. They are not shocking and they may not be famous, but they tell the story of our world.  They open our eyes to the remarkable things that can happen in a day. From the GOP debate in Nevada to a snowy wedding day in England, these are the days of our lives – or rather one day in our life.


1. Hanging from a rock in Brazil.

This photo of daredevil Luis Fernando Candela hanging 10,000 feet high in the air off a rock cliff was taken in Pedra do Telegrafo, Brazil. He hangs by only core strength as his girlfriend takes a photo.


2. Dragonflies gaze.

Roberto Aldrovandi’s captured curious dragonflies on top of daisies in Reggio Emilia, Italy.


3. The flying squirrel.

A squirrel is captured by photographer David Chapman leaping three meters off a wooden post to a bird feeder in Cornwall.

4. Dreaming of a white wedding.

Carly and Carl Atwil dreamed that it would snow for their December wedding. Their wish came true as the sky opened up and eight inches of snow fell at the Lartington Hall in Barnard Castle, England.


5. Duchess of Cambridge plays to the beat.

The Anna Freud Center Family School Christmas Party in London hosted the Duchess of Cambridge as she beat drums with the school children.


6. German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel poses with a wolf soft toy which was given to her at the Christian Democratic Party convention in Karlsruhe, Germany.

7. Anti-terrorist training.

In the province of Hunan, China, policemen are seen practicing an anti-terrorism drills.


8. Red Howler Monkey.

At the Santa Fe zoo in Medellin, Colombia, a Red Howler Monkey is being held by a volunteer as it recovers.


9. Off to the International Space Station.

Tim Peak sends one last tweet before blasting off into space to work at the International Space Station.

10. A rescued dog from a meat farm.

Blitzen was one of 25 dogs that was rescued from a meat dog farm in South Korea. Blitzen and the other dogs were saved by the US animal protection organisation Humane Society International to be adopted by loving families.


11. Burj Khalifa (Tallest building in the world).

A workman hangs from the 125th level of Burj Khalifa, Dubai, the tallest building in the world.

12. Early morning workout.

In a early morning training session, Nepalese children perform Taekwondo and karate.


13. The fog in Philadelphia.

A misty fog covers the Benjamin Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia.


14. Donald Trump supporters.

Young men don wigs to support their favorite candidate at the sixth GOP Debate in Las Vegas, Nevada.

15. Starry, starry night.

A long exposure camera captures a meteor shower in  Chiang Mai province, northern Thailand.


16. Storm warnings.

Santa Maria and Sao Miguel islands in Azores are on high alert after 150km/hr winds were predicted.