16 Creepy Graves That Will Have You Begging For Cremation

The prospect of dying is scary but as you are going to spend a lot longer dead than you did alive, you might want to have a serious plan to stop your family members from creating a terrifying grave to remember you by.


1. This life-sized grave of a 16-year-old girl sits and waits for her prince to wake her up – she’ll be waiting for a while.


2. These two lovers need to get a tomb!


3. Every time a human dies an angel loses its wings.

4. Charles Pigeon looks like he’s had enough of this being dead sh*t.


5. Apparently Catholics and Protestants need to be separated even in death.


6. Replica of a dead girl sitting inside a glass box.

7. He can’t ever seem to get that hand.


8. Nature will always find a  way to get you in the end.


9. “She’s my mother now!”

10. Who sleeps on a piano? Honestly!


11. Is this to protect the body or to protect us from the body?


12. Someone really wasn’t a fan of John but didn’t want to be openly dickish about it.

13. You just can’t keep Georges down, his mustache will always find a way.


14. Their love was built on more than just flesh.


15. Paul G. Lind leaves behind a grieving scrabble board.

16. This is a maze of Frank’s inner organs.