16 Of The Most Creative Amusement Park Photos

Amusement parks can be a hell of a lot of fun if you go with the right people, but if you’re like the girl in number 16, it’s probably time to get some friends.


1. Two out of five people came prepared for the flume ride.


2. Studying can be fun too.


3. Thor is about to make a splash.

4. Where’s a stripper pole when you need one?


5. They should be band.


6. There’s no going back now.

7. Waldo’s hiding in there somewhere.


8. It wouldn’t be a bad thing if those clowns died #JustSaying.


9. Good job at doing nothing ‘girl at the back’ – that’s why you will always be last.

10. Swagger – they were born with it.


11. “I have an amazing idea, what if we all pose as Auguste Rodin’s ‘The Thinker’, it’ll be hilarious!”


12. The last tea party.

13. It’s breast to keep your clothes on.


14. It’s important to find your place in life.


15. Not sure whether this guy is scared or in pain from the partition that’s directly against his balls.

16. Life – it can be a lonely boat ride.