16 Childhood Fears From Film That Left Permenant Scars

Movies are the absolute worst for creating a childhood fear and then letting it remain in your brain until adulthood. You may have seen some of these images before but if you haven’t we are sorry because you are going to have a hell of a time sleeping tonight. Urgh good gravy, OK here we go…


1. The clown called IT.

Oh Stephen King really screwed us on this one. A bloody clown that lives in the sewers and eats the children. Oh hell to the no. The worst thing about this was that adults can’t see the damn clown so the children are all like “Mommy, there is clown after me” and mommy is like “shut up kid”. Too many feels and fears come with this clown.



This little bastard stopped children from purchasing toys for a while. Sure he was totally possessed by an evil murderer, but there was something about Chucky before he got possessed that was still creepy. We are surprised that Chucky from Rugrats didn’t get some “same name shame”.


3. Reading wasn’t an option either.

For mere moments we have swayed away from movies to discuss this little novel. Goosebumps: Night of the living Dummy was not a good bedtime story. There is nothing interesting about a living dummy and it should be burned. That is all.

4. The Grand High Witch.

B*tch please put your face back on. Angelica Huston played The Grand High Witch in The Witches and children all over the world sh*t their pants. Just utterly terrifying. “You may remove your shoes, you may remove your viigs. Zee doors, are they locked and bolted?” A witch is scary, a foreign witch is paralyzing.


Also Erica being trapped in the painting was super upsetting and it sent shivers down the spine before we even saw The Grand Witch.


5. Babyface from Toy Story.

Did anybody else shriek in terror when Sid’s creation of BabyFaceSpiderLegs came out of the wood works? This was the most messed up thing about Toy Story. Well, aside from the fact that we never knew where Andy’s Dad was. Where’s the dad y’all?

6. Killer Clowns from Outer Space.

Killer Klowns From Outer Space. WHO THE HELL WROTE THIS? This was a beyond stupid movie but it was full of killer klowns, with a K, and therefore it was inappropriate for children and it scared the bejesus out of us…the end.


7. Pazuzu from The Exorcist.

Oh heeeeell to the no. Nah nah nah. Aside from the fact that we had several heart attacks from Regan’s spinning head, we also had to witness flashes of Pazuzu in demon form. Even though it was only for a brief second it was enough to send us running.


8. The waiting room on Beetlejuice.


The shrunken head, the legs crossing, the burnt guy, it was all too much. Beetlejuice had it’ hilarious moments of course, especially the banana boat song moment, but the rest was pretty messed up for kids to watch.

9. The blender scene in Gremlins.


When the parents’ lives are threatened, films suddenly become more terrifying. It means that if the parents can be harmed the children can be harmed as well and that is terrifying. Thankfully Mamma Pelzer was OK because she went batsh*t crazy with a knife and blender and fire.


10. No Christopher Loyd, just no.

Judge Doom in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? with his googly cartoon eyes was an absolute nightmare to deal with. Oh and when he puts the cartoon shoe in the The Dip = the absolute worst.

11. Mars Attacks – A stupid movie with a stellar cast.

Ack, ack ack. The martians in Mars Attacks had a pulsating brain head and it was not a good time. Sarah Jessica Parker and Pierce Brosnan lose their heads, Glen Close and Jack Nicholson get totally messed up and watching the movie in its entirety is one of the most horrific things you will ever do. *buying it online right now*


12. Beware of The Wheelers.

Return to Oz is a cult classic because of how disturbing it was. The Wheelers featured high on the reasons why kids wet the bed. They were scary and they had wheels on their hands and feet, what is up with that people?


Oh god and Mombi. This lady had a room full of heads. Not cool lady, not cool.

13. Harry and the Hendersons.


This was meant to be a children’s film right? OK well why is Harry so effen scary. To be honest, throughout the film he becomes easier to look at and less scary but then it goes to the next level after Mr Henderson slaps him in the face.


14. B.P Richfield from Dinosaurs.

Don’t worry about the teeth and claws, take note of the yelling and the suit. Mr Richfield from the children TV series Dinosaurs was up there with Miranda Presley in The Devil Wears Prada. Too much yelling, can we just watch Baby Sinclair in the chair all day…that kid is hilarious.


15. Seadevil fish from Finding Nemo.

“Hey come back, come on back here, I’m going to get you, I’m going to swim with you, I’m going to be your best friend….good feeling’s gone.” Yes, all of our good feelings are gone Marlin. The fact that this is a real fish (angler fish, Google it) in the real ocean, sent us into an emotional spiral that was hard to get out of it. After the 70th time of watching Finding Nemo you would think that a cartoon fish from the deep blue wouldn’t scare us to death…but it does.

16 Damien in The Omen.

Oh this kid. Never have we wanted a child to die more than Damien in The Omen. He didn’t have to do a lot to be scary. He just had to stare intensely whilst a creepy orchestra and choir played the most horrendous music of all time. Parents sure vetoed the name “Damien” from their baby name list.