16 Celebrity “Twins” From Another Mother – #4 Is A Riot!

1. It’s the Brad with an even stronger chin


2. Talented Mr Ripley indeed…


3. Carlton, if he went MJ.

4. This might actually be Nicolas Cage. Don’t make the mistake of thinking he wouldn’t do this.


5. Joseph Gordon-Tibet.


6. Kobe, without the conviction.

7. Bet this guy is popular where he comes from.


8. Who would fare better in the Bush?


9. Even those teeth are spot on!

10. Bruce Willie love Chile.


11. Fake Drake.


12. Morgan flee from this man.

13. This guy likes a slightly darker roast than George does.


14. We have found where Jeff Goldblum has been hiding after all these years.


15. Asian Mark Wahlberg even dresses like his counterpart.

16. The Indian Ron Swanson is just as unimpressed with your s%#t as the real one is.