16 Birthday Cards That Troll For All The Laughs

Nothing says you are loved as much as a card does with just money in it, a swear word or a clever “that’s what she said” joke from your Mom and Dad.  You know what they say, if they are mean to you, they actually really love you.


1. Mom jokes are not like Dad jokes.


2. A unique card but it comes with a warning.


3. To the point Chris…to the point.


4. Maggie doesn’t care…she can’t read.


5. Umm…rude.


6. This is quite aggressive.


7. Creepy, but worth it.


8. Goat shaking?


9. He only speaks the truth y’all.

10. Being so close to 30 never felt so good.


11. Mooooooom? What?


12. Peter does not wish you a happy birthday.


13. A person who needs to “build” a cake is a good person.


14.  Grandma loves you so much. Granddad thinks you’re alright.


15. This would perk you right Up.