16 Baby Announcements That Are Simply Hilarious

“Baby on board, how I’ve adored…” These baby announcements are hilarious and very, very creative. It kind of trumps all other baby announcements. When it’s your turn, use these creative geniuses for inspiration because they have stepped up the game.


1. The kids are not into it at all.


2. Boys urgh, girls urgh.

3. That sauce though = perfection.


4. It’s an alien baby.


5. There’s no crying in baseball.

6. Ohh he thinks he’s people.


7. Yeah but the second child has to live with the stigma of being Robin.


8. Ohhh god.

9. Nothing like a little Vanilla Ice to bring people together.


10. He can’t see without his glasses.


11. Delightful, another baby to destroy the kitchen.

12. That’s life.


13. Wild baby appears!


14. Honestly, that bike won’t be able to be used for like five¬†years. Waste of money.

15. That better be Coke in that coffee mug, because this announcement is just dangerous.


16. Baby genius.