16 Awesome Life Hacks Using Only Household Items!

Life can be tricky sometimes.  Let these little life hacks help make your day easier and inspire you to create something out of nothing. Don’t throw away those old wine bottle corks, mascaras or newspapers.  They can become very usual in their afterlife.


1. Use a can opener to get through hard plastic cases.


2. Add saline to mascara that has dried up..It will be brand new again!


3. Give that phone a little more base by placing it in a bowl.

4. A banana can fix scratches on a CD


5. A lint roller can be used to clean your bag’s interior.


6. By spraying the inside of candle holders with cooking spray, you can remove melted wax!

7. To relieve your sore throat, eat some marshmallows! The gelatin stops irritation.


8. Lining newspapers on your fridge’s vegetable drawer helps absorb odors.


9. Don’t ask Dad, just use a spoon!

10. Want a perfect French manicure? Use a rubber band!


11. Pop tabs can be used for hanging pictures.


12. VapoRub works as a good pet training tool…just apply it on areas that you don’t your pet to pee or chew on.


13. Mayonnaise can remove water stains on wooden furniture.


14. Turn your rubbish into a rubbish can.

15. Defogging is a breeze with a hairdryer.


16. Finding a use for those old corks.