16 Accidental Sex Acts By Inanimate Objects

Normally, we would blame these “accidental sex acts” on your dirty mind. However, these objects are so blatantly having sex with each other that it will make you think Toy Story is real. These public displays of affection will make you super uncomfortable. We apologize for the amount of puns used, it couldn’t be helped.


1. Smashed box.


2. The tree that keeps on giving.


3.  D**** pic.

4. It’s a cowgirl, on steel horse she rides.


5. Fancy a root?


6. Taking the steel pipe.

7. Locked jaw is imminent.


8. Cupping is essential.


9. The trees learn to bend in the winter time.

10. Their dirty talk turned into trash talk really fast.


11. They don’t care if people are watching.


12. Interfruit relations.

13. It’s a neck massage.


14. A is for…


15. Outdoor fun.

16. Butt-on mushrooms.