17 Times Technology Used And Abused Us

The development of technology is absolutely fantastic. We no longer need paper maps, libraries, girlfriends or boyfriends.  However, sometimes technology can send us into a physical and mental breakdown when it doesn’t do exactly what we want it to do at the exact time we want it to. These are 15 times technology has betrayed us in the worse way.


1. Ohh son of a…


2. Technology can’t fix your face Kim.


3. Oh you protective bastard.

4. How dare you be so bright so that I can read the content clearly.


5. Technology is steadily becoming the main cause of heart attacks.


6. The heavier the phone gets the less important it is to text in bed.

7. What does this ringing mean?


8. What are we, Amish people? We want our iMessage back.


9. Technology is not a big self confidence booster.

10. This ruins friendships.


11. Stop scrolling, stop scrolling, STOOOOOP.


12. When your phone turns against you.

13. Drunk in love.


14. So neeeedy!



15. Too many cooks in this group chat. Abort the plans.

16. It’s technology’s fault.


17. We have all put ourselves in dire straights for this.