15 Times Moving Was An Underappreciated Art Form

An artist is never appreciated in their own time but these moving maestros have discovered the secret of making furniture magic happen – too bad the rest of the world doesn’t appreciate it.

1. It’s all done with complex math.


2. What U-Haul’n?


3. That’s pretty Compaq.

4. It’s so beautiful!


5. Move that bus!


6. Well, naturally this is happening in New Zealand. Note the safety footwear.

7. We’ll leave the rest to you.


8. He can pick up anything with his truck.


9. “What the hell do you mean the trunk can’t take anymore!?”.

10. Junk in the trunk.


11. It’s darn hard keeping up with cool kid fashion.


12. Buddy, you deserve a medal.

13. He solved the ‘moving a car with a bike’ problem.


14. “They all laughed at me when I picked this up, who’s laughing now?”


15. There goes Allied thinking outside of the box.