15 Times Kids Had Absolutely Zero Chill

Kids… kids are cute, sure. Even though it’s our biological instinct to reproduce and raise adorable mini-mes, we may just want to wait a little longer. Maybe there is something you always wanted to do, like travel the world or get a PhD. Do it, do it now. As soon as you have kids, your life as you know it will be over. You won’t have time to do any of the things you love, or pursue any hobbies. Why? Kids have zero chill, that’s why.


1. They cannot perform the easiest of tasks.


2. Who knew?


3. They’ll take your money, and they won’t pay you back… ever.

4. They want to become a lot of things. Artists, for example.


5. They run on toddler time.


6. Be prepared for a whole lot of weirdness.

7. Good actors will definitely have a parenting advantage.


8. Having a baby is like partying all night… just a little less fun.


9. OK, a lot less fun.

10. They’re early risers…


11. … and little drama queens.


12. Some things may just give you nightmares.

13. They won’t develop a sense of humor any time soon.


14. In the process of raising kids, you may just become a completely different person.


15. One thing is certain: You’ll develop a whole new set of skills.