15 Things You Had No Idea You’ve Been Doing Wrong!

1. You’ve been wearing bobby pins wrong!


2. Cut watermelon into sticks and your life will be so much easier.


3. Cupcakes just got so much better.

4. Cut a mango like a pro.


5. Instead of just pegging bags use this cool plastic bottle hack to make servings so much easier.


6. Check which way those earbuds are supposed to go!

7. Don’t let that back sag!


8. There’s an easier way to untie knotted plastic bags.


9. There IS a way to fill buckets in your shallow sink.

10. Keeping wires untangled is easy with bread tags.


11. If you spread your food into a donut, it’ll heat up evenly in the microwave.


12. If both your bowls won’t fit in the microwave, prop one up on a cup!

13. For a healthier alternative you can replace butter with avocado in almost any recipe!


14. For the best ice coffee, freeze coffee into cubes so that your drink doesn’t get diluted by melting ice.


15. Clamps are a thing of the past with this epic chip bag folding technique.