15 Tattoos Not Even A Mother Could Love

A picture says a thousand words, but for the these 15 tattoo enthusiasts we are completely stumped for words because they are so horrifyingly awful. Shade your eyes as they are about to be exposed to human idiocy.


1. It’s not bikini season yet.


2. Laziness. Where is the yellow?



3. An enduring reminder of when you were homeless.

4. BAE is becoming the new YOLO and we don’t enjoy it.


5. Christopher…you have just ruined this person’s life.


6. Poor Sonrisas.

7. Patients vs patience. Grammar saves lives.


8. F*** Adidas.


9. Hmmmm good old Karma aye.

10. Gross mohawk.


11. There has been a terrible bathroom accident.


12. S*** there is not coming back from this.

13. Its you’re life, do with it’s as use please.


14. There is nothing cooler than getting an education.


15. He is a handsome guy…why? Just why?