15 Of The Strangest Stock Pregnancy Images Around

There is no reason that these stock photos should exist, yet here they are, loud and proud.


1. Well this is awkward.


2. And the Oscar goes to…


3. Only the strongest vegetarians will survive.

4. “She just told him he isn’t the father, then he challenged her to a dance battle”.


5. “What do you mean we’re out of nachos?!”.


6. The first child is always the hardest.

7. Her first kid’s already pimping out his mom.


8. “You did this to me!”.


9. “Hey Joe, stand on a ladder and take a photo of us would you?”.

10. Nothing says “I’m still sexy” like an iron to the temple.


11. Om nom nom!


12. As a family you just can’t come back from this horror show.

13. You’re not fooling anyone.


14. These babies are about to see some things.


15. Get ready for a life of suffering kid.