15 Strange Facts That Will Amaze You

The world is a weird and wonderful place and you don’t even know a fraction of the stuff that’s going on. Here are 15 strange facts that will amaze you.


1. Dogs are always trying to figure you out.


2. Always shield the head if you find yourself around Jaguars.


3. What will they think of next?

4. The trees will light the way.


5. Always protect the neck.


6. Give a man the means to catch his own fish and he’ll feed a village.

7. Pandas, you lazy.


8. Or you could go to an actual planetarium.


9. The interbreeding must stop!

10. Johnson was kind of a dick.


11. He probably really likes earrings but is embarrassed about it.


12. Beer is consumed like soda in Russia.

13. He’s lovin’ it.


14. Who knew?


15. You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave.