15 Selfies That Could Have Ended In Death But Instead Got Ultimate Internet Love

Would you risk your life to get the ultimate selfie? These crazy cats did. Should we respect them or warn them off doing the same all over again?


1. You are playing with fire, homes.


2. When the windstorm is doing this to your face and you just HAVE to get the selfie, you cray.


3. Selfie stick vs. chopper blade…

4. This guy never drops his, ah, phones.


5. When this dude is deep in the pocket, he takes the phone out of his pocket.


6. Yeah sure. Clean your teeth on my face, camel. And while you do, I’ll just grab a quick snap.

7. She’s made her peace with the world. So now she can take selfies like this.


8. Instructor: do not waive attention for one moment, death will likely ensue. Pupil: yeah, but selfie.


9. Going the extra, deadly mile for a good cleavage shot.

10. Some people get high and take selfies. This guy, well…


11. Let’s hope these sharks don’t go Kanye and turn rabid on this crazy pap.


12. This looks like it’s going to be a fun one handed landing.

13. Another couple of scaredy cats.


14. When the selfie stick becomes a toothpick.


15. To finish; Do not do this.