15 Selfie Situations That Got Super Awkward, Super Quick

1. “Urgh. I was born in the wrong¬†generation.”


2. “Miss, I was just playing!”


3. Well that’s awkward

4. “This is 2015, deal with it.”


5. “What did I do wrong?”


6. “I was just.. uh… whatever.”

7. That hurts. Physically, and emotionally.


8. “Mom!”


9. “PEEAC… ohhh hey there.”

10. Her judgement rains down upon you.


11. Mom does NOT approve.


12. “Back in my day the bathroom was for business only.”

13. “Whatever. I’m feeling my look. Deal with it.”


14. “Whatever Mom, I look hot.”


15. Oh….no….

So much regret.