The 15 Secret Rules That Disney Employees Aren’t Allowed To Tell You

Wish you could work at Disneyland? It seems like the dream job, full of fun and laughter. The only thing is, the rules are TOUGH. It might be fun for a while, but perhaps Walt’s enduring legacy of strictness would drive you crazy after a time. Could you handle these for the role?


 1. Disney employees aren’t allowed to say “I don’t know”.

They undergo in-depth training so that “I don’t know” is never a Disney response. Instead, they radio around until the exact knowledge is discovered.


2. You’re a ‘cast member’, instead of an employee.

Very convincing, Disney!


3. You can never break character while at work!

Each cast member has to train in the exact ways of their character – learning to sign the autograph of their character, along with their personality, voice, and preferences amid many other things.

4. Cast members cannot point with one finger.

This is because some cultures find a one-finger point offensive, while a two-finger point also makes the indication more obvious for children to see.


5. They have to pick up trash in a very specific manner.

Each time a cast member sees a piece of trash in the Magic Kingdom, they are required to pick it up. However, they aren’t allowed to bend over. Instead, they have to do a graceful swoop to collect it. Huh!


6. You audition for your role – and you have to look the exact part!

Cast members have to fit their roles precisely. Accordingly, most princesses range between 5’4″ and 5’8”. The audition process is apparently very tough.

7. No social media allowed!

Cast members at the Magic Kingdom are not allowed to post any social media about their work, or even talk about their character outside of work. In fact, they’re not even allowed to reveal what character they play!


8. The hair regulations are crazy.

You cannot have shaved eyebrows. They are very strict about that! Other hair regulations include that male cast members can’t have hair that goes over their shirt collars or ears, while females have to keep their hair very neat and, while they are allowed braids they can’t have any beads.


9. You must be practically perfect in every way.

Once you’ve made it through the difficult audition process, there’s some last minute rules that are quite ruthless. You can never frown! You also must maintain perfect posture at all times and are not allowed to check your phone.

10. Got tattoos or body piercings? You’re out.

Disneyland cast members cannot have tattoos, large ear piercings, body piercings or any other form of body modification.


11. You can wear glasses, but they have to be a certain type.

Glasses are allowed, but they have to be of a perfectly boring type in order that they don’t take any attention away from the theme. You can’t have brands or strange colors at all.


12. They have coded language for when children puke.

When children throw up, cast members aren’t allowed to have a negative response or even refer to it by normal names. It used to be referred to as a “protein spill”, but now it goes by “Code V”.

13. Nicknames.

Walt liked to be known as just that – Walt. That’s why cast members have name tags that only refer to their first names. If your name is the same as another member, you have to choose another one!


14. There are conservative rules around your nails.

Women aren’t allowed to wear nail polish, and their fingernails cannot extend more than a quarter of an inch beyond the fingertip, while men can’t have nails that extend beyond the fingertip whatsoever.


15. Disney is VERY strict about facial hair.

For men, the rules about facial hair are pretty restrictive. Beards are allowed, but they have to be fully grown and cannot be shaped. On the other hand, if you have a mustache, it has to be carefully and constantly groomed – it can’t reach over the lip, nor extend further than each corner of the mouth.