These 15 Savage Burns Cut Really Deep

Ever wanted to use an epic comeback at precisely the right time, which not only managed to cut a person down , but robbed them of their very will to live? Check out 15 of the most savage burns that there was simply no way to come back from.


1. This person who’s just saying what we’re all thinking.


2. You should have seen this coming.


3. A prominent presence on social media is almost as revealing as being a celebrity.

4. Ooooooooh snap.


5. At least he’s honest.


6. Always trust popular opinion.

7. Your music is bad, and you should feel bad.


8. When Tiger Woods is disappointed with your life choices, it’s time to change.


9. When you get schooled by the woman who made you.

10. You’re outnumbered dude, remember that.


11. When a guy thinks he’s giving a woman a compliment.


12. The intelligent burn.

13. The guy who laughs at his own jokes.


14. If you can’t handle the heat, don’t start a YouTube comment war.


15. “I can’t take your job because you’re unemployed…hardy har har!”.