15 Reasons Why Céline Dion Is The Best Person on The Planet

Céline Dion is quite possibly the most generous, awkward, funny, loving person on the face of the planet…and she is also OK at singing. JOKES… She is the best at the singing. Tragedy has stuck her family the past month with the passing of her beloved husband René Angélil and brother Daniel Dion. Although she is in the midst of grief and as the world grieves for her heartache, we must reminisce on why we love her so damn much. *pounds hand on heart*.


1. She is a tad insane but that’s OK.

Céline has always been a tad on the crazy side, but that’s why we love her. She pounds her hand on her heart, she constantly asks the audience if they are “alright tonight?” and she often uses the incorrect grammar, but we are fine with it.


2. Céline can swirl a baton like motherf*cker.

She offers more than her spectacular voice to the crown. She runs around the stage like a maniac and she has picked up the nifty trick of swirling her microphone like a baton and it is off the hook.


3. She built a water park in her back yard….yep in her back yard.

She legitimately had a full on water park built in her back yard. Why? Because she is Céline Dion that’s why and she does what she wants. She often invites her family to come and enjoy her pool. See, not selfish with the lavish water park.


4. She has got some sass for you but only when it is required.

She is always kind when being mean. If she ever says something sassy, their is an authenticity and love that comes with it. She is never cruel in her behavior which is quite hard to do.


5. She has so many of the feels…

…oh goddammit Céline.

She often becomes overwhelmed with singing the lyrics of some of her favorite songs. One of her more famous “cries” on stage was when she was performed at Caesars Palace the same day her father died. Despite being in the midst of grief she sung “Over the Rainbow” and dedicated to her dad. Although she mostly spoke the lyrics of the song, the audience members were exposed to Céline’s heart, which is so much more rewarding than hearing her voice.


6. She can bounce right back by doing weird sh*t again.

A lot of the examples of Céline’s weirdness can be seen if you watch any interview that she has ever done. She has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show more than any other guest in history and there are some hilarious moments in all 27 episodes.

7. She cares for the animals, which is always a nice quality to have.

She is incredibly warm and generous with everyone and everything she meets. Her motherly instinct can be seen when she is holding or talking to her children or anyone else for that matter. She is also adorable with the small and cuddly animals, well why wouldn’t she be?


8. Oops, here comes the weird stuff again.

She does the weird stuff to everyone. She treats everyone that she meets with the same respect and love, despite what they can do for her. In Céline Dions DVD about her 2008 World Tour, her appreciation and generosity to the people who work for her is incredible to witness. She thanked the pilot who flew her to Las Vegas with as much gratitude and respect as she gave to Nelson Mandela when she met him.


10. “Beauty and the Beast”…enough said.

OK, there is a little more to be said. “Beauty and the Beast” was the song that helped cement Céline Dion’s name in America. Angela Lansbury is amazing at singing it in the movie but that song was written for Céline’s voice. She crushes it.

12. She is completely herself on stage.

Is she the best dancer in the world? No, but does she have to be? No. She is the best goddamn person on the planet, she doesn’t have to be a good dancer.


13. She continues to sing that damn Titanic song without complaint….

How many times do you think she has actually sung this song? Initially upon hearing “My Heart Will Go On” sung by the composer, Céline didn’t like it and declined to sing it. After René asked her to sing it herself they decided that the song was good.


14. …but she got an Oscar for it, so fair enough.

No wonder she continues to sing it.

15. She married the love of her life.

With a 26-year age gap, René feared that if the public found out about their relationship  it would ruin Céline’s career. After years of keeping it secret Céline had had enough of hiding the man she loved from the public. They married in a lavish wedding in Montreal in 1994 in spite of what any one else thought.


16. She was happily married to René for 21 years…

She loved René more than anything else in the world and she created a beautiful life with him. She had three children with him, Renee Charles and twins Eddie and Nelson and she cared deeply for René’s other children from his previous marriages.


17. …and then this happened and we all had to crawl into a fetal position.

After losing his battle with throat cancer, Rene’s body was on public display the day before his funeral. Céline was only meant to appear at the service for a few minutes to greet mourners. She ended up staying eight hours, speaking and comforting people who came to pay their respects. Shaking in her sadness she needed a seat but continued to remain at her husband’s side.

18. Even after tragedy the show will still go on.

After losing her husband and brother within a two day period, you wouldn’t blame Céline Dion for needing some time off. However, she is slated to perform back at Caesars Place on February the 23rd. Singing has been a huge part of her life, but at the end of the day she cared and loved her family more than anything. Céline Dion is simply remarkable…