15 Rare And Revealing Photos Of The Cast Filming The Original Star Wars Films

1. Carrie Fischer napping in the cool air of Hoth


2. Mark Hamill and his muppet pals


3. Kenny Baker on lunch

4. Han and Greedo chilling.


5. Carrie Fischer in THAT gold bikini.


6. Harrison Ford helping Anthony Daniels up

7. Carrie Fischer, toasting Luke with a beer


8. Luke ziplining up to the AT-ATs


9. Luke and his sister, a little too close

10. Harrison Ford taking a break from fixing the Hyperdrive


11. Having fun on Endor


12. Carrie Fischer and her stunt double sunbathing on Jabba’s pleasure barge

13. Darth Vader’s got to be clean


14. Luke facing a less-than-deadly fall


15. Carrie Fischer, taking a break on Cloud City