15 Problems That Everyone Who Trolls The Internet Will Understand

The internet is a weird, wonderful and scary place.  These are the 15 problems that people who spend hours on the internet at night will understand completely. Take the blue or red pill, it’s your choice.


1. When you have to fake your “Lol” response to something you were recently tagged in because you saw it months ago.

“I want to make sure they know I have a good sense of humor but honestly I have seen this 2091 times.”


2. When a quick scroll before bed turns into two hours.

We have all thought to ourselves, “Oh I’m so tired, I will just quickly check what people are tweeting about.” Hours later you realize you will only have four hours of sleep before you have to get up for work.


3.  When you realize you haven’t used your voice all day.

When this happens you quickly sing a song out loud just to make sure your voice still works.

4. When you try and participate in real-life conversations.

“I don’t know what I am doing….”


5. When your goals include getting a celebrity to respond to you on Twitter.

“Why won’t you tweet me back amazing person from the television series that I am obsessed with?”


6. When you have anxiety over spoilers.

“Son of a b**** I saw a spoiler on Facebook and now I have crawl into a fetal position in bed.”

7. Binge watching Netflix.

Once you turn it on you can never stop.


8. You mention “memes” often but no ones knows what you are talking about.

This is why you struggle with real-life conversations.


9. When someone doesn’t have a Twitter account for just following celebrities.

You don’t have to tweet anything, but allow yourself to be exposed to the teachings of Kim Kardashian West.

10. Can you just like my update on Facebook please?

When your happiness is based on how many people have liked your profile picture change.


11. When you can’t have coffee with your BFF because you have never met them.


12. When someone you hate adds you on Instagram.

“Fine I will follow you back but the photos of your brunch makes me want to die.”

13. When you have to buy adult coloring-in books because your internet game is too strong.



14. When a simple F*** you turns into “I’m unfollowing you.”

If someone ever says “I am unfollowing you” you are better off for having them leave your life.


15. When Netflix becomes your life partner.

Netflix is the best thing that has happened to single people in years.